LUNOVU participates in several research and development projects. Some of them are publically funded. Current projects are:


PeroBOOST - On the way towards efficient lead-free perovskite based solar cells

Together with Cologne University, Enerthing GmbH, AIXTRON SE, ZOEK Cologne, Fraunhofer ISE Gelsenkirchen and the University Duisburg-Essen, in this project the development of perovskite solar cells will be brought to a next level. LUNOVU will investigate laser processes that are required for large area processing.

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COMMUNION - Joining of 3D TPC/Metal Multimaterial Components

This multi national project aims at developing cost-efficient manufacturing methods for three-dimensional metal/CFRT components. 15 partners from industry and research co-operate in this project. As a part of this consortium, LUNOVU develops special laser systems for the joining process.

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