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A highly skilled and motivated team of scientists and technologists is LUNOVU's backbone. For more than a decade, this team has accumulated expertise in laser technology, high-tech equipment manufacturing and system technology. Our track record results in an impressive number of highly satisfied customers and numerous reference projects.


LUNOVU strictly focuses on future markets and applications. An exceptional level of customer orientation guides our team. We love technology. However, we are convinced that the value that we provide to our customers by using technology has highest priority. All our efforts focus on applications and on the products that our customers develop or manufacture.

In many cases, LUNOVU products provide enabling technology, allowing our customers creating breakthrough products that could not have been manufactured before. In other cases, they improve conventional manufacturing processes, making them more reliable, efficient and productive. LUNOVU systems for R&D and production are based on a flexible platform concept. We deliver holistic machine solutions, equipped with latest laser technology components and processes. Highest productivity at lowest operating cost defines our solutions for equipment, retrofits or application-specific services; we understand continuous innovation as a pre-condition to achieve this.

Being located in the application center of the Fraunhofer Institute of Laser Technology (ILT) in Aachen, Germany, provides us with an excellent access to a proven R&D network. Furthermore, LUNOVU is a member of the collaborative cluster "Direct Photonic Production" (DPP) at the University of Aachen (RWTH). Together with our co-operation partners this allows us to be right at the interface between R&D and industry. We bring innovative processes into the market!



Project SimConDrill nominated for Green Award

January 30, 2020

The research project SimConDrill which is funded by BMBF aims at the development of novel water filters for micro plastic filtration using laser-drilled fine holes. Within this project, LUNOVU develops a special measurement system. Recently, the project has been nominated for one of the Green Awards which will be awarded during the Greentech festival in Berlin in June 2020.

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