Laser cladding systems

Laser Cladding is a technology used to apply coatings on parts, providing a lot of advantages compared to other methods. Wear resistant or other functional layers are deposited precisely and cost-efficiently, with minimum heat transferred into the parts.

(Photo courtesy of TU Chemnitz)

LUNOVU provides laser cladding systems using 6 axes robots or cartesian (CNC) systems. Depending on the application, laser beam sources, optical components, powder feeders and nozzles are carefully selected. All systems come with a safety housing which can be actively monitored if desired, and with an elaborated and user friendly control system.

(Photo courtesy of TU Chemnitz)

LUNOVU adds intelligence to laser cladding. Using a proprietary technology, parts surfaces are scanned with a laser profile sensor. A surface model is computed within only a few seconds. The part can be graphically visualized, allowing the operator to define welding tracks with only a few mouse clicks. The software provides an impressive support: areas or volumes to be cladded are marked with the mouse in an interactive manner. Or the system "finds" the cladding areas automatically. In both cases, the rest is done by the software. Using user-defined parameters and an internal process data base, it defines welding paths which are translated into NC or RC code. Additionally it may perform a collision check. Finally the laser cladding process is executed automatically.