R&D Systems

Research and development always go beyond today's capabilities. Research goals are divers and unique. The LUNOVU team knows well from its own experience that this is also true for laser technology. Thus a series of tailored R&D laser systems is available, exactly matching researchers' requirements.

Flexibility is crucial in such systems. A modular system design makes sure that multiple applications can be served. 2 to 5 axes kinematic systems, various laser types and performance classes, optical systems, processing heads and additional components can be combined in a virtually unlimited manner. The concept is scalable and allows expanding, modifying and retrofitting the system at any time.

Combining maximum functionality and R&D compliant cost is achieved by applying an elaborate concept. Our developers' comprehensive understanding of processes and applications leads to technological solutions that fit with typical R&D budgets. No compromise, however, is accepted when it comes to process performance and safety. Components that are known to provide stable and reproducible process results are the core of LUNOVU's R&D systems. The safety concept that is used in our production systems is identically implemented in LUNOVU's R&D systems.

Tailored to your Requirements

Every research task is different. This is why LUNOVU does not offer off-the-shelf R&D products. Our approach is to find the perfect solution together with you. Proven components and concepts are merged with bespoke technology, resulting in an integrated solution. Compatibilty with production equipment is important not only with respect to the safety concept. All key components of LUNOVU R&D systems are identical with those used in production systems. Thus process results can be seamlessly transferred from R&D into industrial production.

LUNOVU uses a proprietary control and automation solution to guarantee maximum process stability and reproducibility, but also flexibility with respect to the integration of R&D specific components. At the same time, our open software architecture, interfaces to CAD/CAM systems and an intuitive graphical user interface allows simple and user friendly programming. If required, the control system can be modified at any time by the user or through the LUNOVU support.