Integrated Laser Systems

LUNOVU laser systems are based on a modular design. Different sizes using 2 to 5 axes cartesian setups are availble as standard solutions. Additionally we offer systems that are based on articulated robots.

Depending on the application, different laser light sources may be chosen, such as fiber, disk or diode lasers. A variety of optical components, processing heads and peripheral components is available as well.

However, selecting the right components is not all. What comes on top is LUNOVU's proprietary control and automation technology. This is key to creating a high performance solution, as it integrates seamlessly axes and drives, lasers, processing heads, sensors and other components, taking into accout a comprehensive process data base. Interfaces to CAD/CAM systems, post processors and tailored user interfaces allow fast, comfortable and error-free programming and operation of the system.

It is the perfect coordination of all system elements - mechanics, electrics, controls, automation and process - that creates the value our customers are looking for.