MR-1: Micro Material Processing Laser System

The LUNOVU MR-1 is a laser micro material processing system that covers a broad range of applications and processes. This includes micro structuring through ablation, drilling and cutting of various materials.

These processes are applied in eletronics and optoelectonics, thin film technologies, medical engineering sensor technology or in general micro system technology.

The materials to be processed are almost unlimited. Metals like steel, copper or aluminum, but also glass, ceramics, metal oxides and organic materials are processed in LUNOVU systems.

LUNOVU MR-1: Integrated Solution for Micro Processing

Key features of our laser micro processing equipment are highest precision and speed. A robust and vibration free frame is used, usually made of massive granite. Precise and fast axes - both linear and rotary - are employed to perform exact and reproducible 3D processes.  The working chamber does not only meet the application requirements, but also reveals an ergonomic design and good accessibility.

Latest technologies in micro processing are already integrated into LUNOVU systems today. As an example, ultra short pulse technology allows processing of very small structures with minimum thermal impact. LUNOVU continuously looks for novel technologies, qualifies them and benefits from a unique R&D network, which provides access to latest developments in laser technology.