Laser machine systems have long life times. This is due to a robust mechanical setup. Looking at control and drive components, however, the picture is different: As progress in this area is fast, many of the components are already outdated, even though they may have been state of the art a few years ago. As a consequence, updated technology can provide much better performance, efficiency and productivity.

In many cases a retrofit is a preferred solution compared to purchasing a new laser system. Depending on the actual status of the machine, it may make sense to exchange the numerical control components, to install latest drive technology or to add components that provide more functionality to the system. Our retrofit specialists will find the best solution for any upgrade project, with a strict focus on cost and productivity.

It starts with a detailed analysis of the as-is state of the machine. Combined with the customers' requirements, this is the basis for a detailed retrofit concept. Current standards and regulations are taken into account as well as latest automation, drive and laser technologies.

Leveraging Synergies

The LUNOVU team's multi year experience in laser technology and the close co-operation with the application experts at Fraunhofer ILT make sure that a perfect retrofit solution is implemented. Our retrofit customers benefit a lot from synergies with LUNOVU's other business segment - the design and manufacture of complete laser systems. Our "integrated solution" approach means that retrofits are based on a holistic system concept which finally provides a competitive advantage to our customers.