Integrated Laser Systems

Laser machines for material processing are high tech systems. Besides the laser light source, which may be a disk, fiber or diode laser, further optical components play a key role.

These components guide the light, prepare it for the intended purpose and finally direct it onto the work piece. In most cases, light guide fibers, lenses or mirror optics and special processing heads are used. Processing 3D parts requires a complex kinematic system which moves the work piece or the processing head and brings it into the correct position. For this purpose, usually a combination of linear and rotary axes is employed. Alternatively, articulated robots are used as well. A variety of additional and peripheral components makes sure that the system exactly meets the customers' requirements.

Our Expertise - Your Added Value

Selecting the system components, the mechanical design and the electronics is just the starting point. What is really special about LUNOVU laser equipment is the approach to provide integrated systems. These systems merge mechanical and electrical components, process know-how and a sophisticated control and automation concept. This enables our customers to benefit from the added value our systems provide for each specific application.